February 8th, 1971. Elite units of the Republic of Vietnam's Armed Forces attack the communist logistics system along the route 9 corridor in Laos. Like Market Garden in WWII, this operation combines an airborne "carpet" that lands ahead of an armored column that must advance on a single track towards a distant objective with the clock ticking. Instead of parachutes, the airborne element depends on hundreds of American helicopters (and their brave crews) for transport, supply and fire support. The communists know the attack is coming and hundreds of heavy-caliber AAA guns are in place to contest the airspace from high ground on both sides of the advance. Can you, as the US/ARVN, clear the enemy from his logistic sanctuary in Laos and hand him a crushing defeat - or will the NVA player triumph, sending the best units of the RVNAF running for the safety of their own border after trying to go "another bridge too far?"