Cadet Games

"Battle of the Ia Drang Valley" by Balazs Petheo

Cadet Games is all about making great wargames that combine the challenge of traditional hex-and-counter designs with the fun of miniatures.  The idea is to make games that real wargamers can enjoy - AND games that can be played with younger gamers and don't take a ton of time.  It is getting tougher each year to find opponents that can dedicate several hours to a game - and often the only realistic opponent for many adult gamers is their own child (or children).  Our design intent is to produce games that can challenge a real gamer and still be accessible to a wide audience of potential players.

Kevin Talley has been an enthusiast and a student of military history since his youth. RJ Mills has been studying military history and wargaming for more than 40 years.  They met in the army back in 1988 and have been wargaming together since.
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