At Last! A&A Arnhem This game has 114 minis and 52 game cards, plus the map is two big, bad 22x34 mounted sections that fold out for the ultimate Market-Garden experience. All segments of the campaign are included - from Eindhoven through "hell's highway" to Nijmegen and the Betuwe enroute to Arnhem. The players get to re-fight the whole battle from the initial airborne drops to the final showdown between the II SS Panzer Corps and Allied XXX Corps. Supply, Air combat and ground attack, Drop Zones, Engineer, Air defense and Reinforcements are all included - along with leadership effects, historical events, and plenty of "easy" chrome built into the design via the event cards. It's only 10 simple turns and it plays quickly, but even the hardcore gaming enthusiast will discover a well-balanced challenge that is not to be taken for granted!


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Info from the original Kickstarter campaign:  A&A Arnhem '44 - Operation Market Garden by Kevin Talley — Kickstarter 

The Armies and Alliances (A&A) series from Cadet Games
Another batch of designs the Cadet Games team have been working on are WWII campaign-level titles that use miniatures and low-complexity rules to re-create battles that made some of the most famous military history of all time. Titles like “Arnhem ’44, Barbarossa ’41, Blitzkrieg ’40, Stalingrad ‘42” (and more) are “A&A” games that we at cadet decided must be made. These are all titles that a “certain company” never managed to make, even though the audience for these games contains millions of enthusiasts who desperately wish for them. These games are designed to play quickly, present historically accurate orders of battle and detailed maps, use thoughtful mechanics that have genuine simulative value, and be fun! Like our Vietnam games, these games use large maps and miniatures instead of cardboard counters – because we like minis and big maps. This new series is called the Armies and Alliances series (A&A). The first in this series should be no surprise – it’s “A&A Arnhem ’44 - Operation Market Garden.”
With the familiar miniatures representing tanks, infantry, artillery, 88s, fighters, bombers, Airborne units and Waffen SS, this game is exactly what the community has been waiting for. Action cards enhance the historical “storyboard” of the battle while a simple, yet realistic combat system means every decision and roll of the dice makes a difference. With a big, beautiful map created by Marc Von Martial and an easy-to-read large-print highly-illustrated rulebook, this game is ready to hit the table the minute you get the shrink wrap off! 

Can you capture the bridges along “Hell’s Highway” and hold them long enough for the XXX Corps to make it over the Rhine at Arnhem? Or will you dash the allied plans as the German player, slamming the door on the bold allied gamble? This one can go either way every time – history depends on YOU.